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September 2016, VOLUME: 2, ISSUE-3

I. Original Research Article

knowledge on ill effects of tobacco consumption and its prevention among adolescents in selected inter colleges

Mr. Keshava Reddy, Archana Chaudary, Archana Kumari, Arti Katiyar, Bandna Yadav, Deependra Kumar

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Tobacco Is A Product From Agriculture, Which Is Commonly Consumed As A Recreational Drug. Tobacco Consumption Is A Worldwide Problem Among The Adolescents. In India The Annual Incidence Of Oral Cancer Among Men Is Estimated To Be 10 Per 10000 Population. In India Tobacco Consumption Is Responsible For Half Of All The Cancers In Men And A Quarter Of All Cancers In Women, In Addition To Being A Risk Factor For Cardiovascular Disease And Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases. The Present Study Aim To Assess The Knowledge On Ill Effects Of Tobacco Consumption And Its Prevention Among Adolescents In Selected Inter Colleges At Mandhana, Kanpur Cross Sectional Survey Approach With Simple Descriptive Research Design Was Used In The Study. The Sample Of The Study Consisted Of Male And Female Adolescents Of Selected Inter Colleges At Mandhana, Kanpur, Those Who Fulfilled The Sampling Criteria. The Sample Size Comprised Of 100 Male And Female Adolescents Who Fulfilled Inclusion Criteria. The Samples Were Selected Through Non Probability Purposive Sampling Technique. The Findings Of The Study Showed That Less Number Adolescents 9% Was Having Adequate Knowledge Level Regarding Ill Effects Of Tobacco Consumption. Overall Mean Knowledge Percentage 40% Which Was Inadequate.

A study to assess the knowledge regarding prevention of occupational hazards among workers working in a selected factory of Lucknow

Ms. Pratibha Srivastava,Ms. NibinNelson, Ms. Nikita Puria, Ms. NishaYadav,Ms. Poonam Yadav, Pragya Chaturvedi, Ms. Prashansha Mishra, Ms. Preeti Shukla

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An Industrial Worker Is Exposed To The Risk Of Occupational Disuse And Accidents Which Creates A Feeling Of Physical Economic And Social Insecurity. Non-Experimental, Descriptive Research Design Was Used For This Study. 30 Workers Were Selected Through Convenient Sampling Technique According To Inclusion & Exclusion Criteria. A Structured Questionnaire Was Used To Assess The Knowledge Of Workers In The Selected Factory Regarding Occupational Hazards And Its Prevention. The Study Found That Knowledge On Occupational Hazards And Prevention Of Occupational Hazards Among The Workers Was Poor; Hence They Need Strong Emphasis On Awareness To Prevent Hazards And Promote Optimum Health. In Knowledge Score Test, Almost Workers In The Selected Factory Had Mild Knowledge In The Area Of Occupational Hazards (73.33%) And Moderate Knowledge In The Area Of Prevention Of Occupational Hazards (50%). The Result Revealed That Mean Value Of Knowledge Scores Is M= 12.20, SD= 4.38 Chi- Square Test Revealed That There Was Significant Association Between The Level Of Knowledge Score Of Workers Working In The Selected Factory And Their Related Demographic Variables.

Knowledge of Mothers regarding the management of Diarrhea among Children in selected Hospitals at Kanpur

Mrs. Renu Tripathi, Abha Chaorsiya, Km.Manjoo, Minimol T J

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Diarrheal Diseases Constitute A Leading Cause Of Morbidity And Mortality Among Children In Developing Countries. One Of The Best Methods Of Controlling Diarrhoea Is Home Treatment And Mothers Are The Chief Care Givers For Under-Fives. Descriptive Study Was Conducted To Access The Knowledge Of Mothers Regarding The Management Of Diarrhea Among Children In Selected Hospitals At Kanpur City. Descriptive Approach Was Used For The Study. Data Was Collected From 60 Mothers Of Underfive Children, Selected From Two Hospitals In Kanpur City. Purposive Sampling Technique Was Adopted To Select The Mothers Of Underfive Children. Descriptive And Inferential Analyses Were Used For The Analysis. The Mean Knowledge Score Of Mothers Of Underfive Was 25.83 With S.D 6.19. The Overall Knowledge Score Of Mothers Of Underfive Children Were Moderate. No Significant Association Was Found Between Knowledge Score And With Selected Demographic Variables At 0.05 Level

Effectiveness of planned teaching programme on knowledge regarding iron deficiency anemia and its management

MS. Shivani Negi

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Iron Deficiency Anemia Is One Of The Most Prevalent Nutritional Deficiencies In The World, And More Than Half Of The Population In India Is Anemic. A Pre-Experimental Research Study Was Conducted At Selected Government Schools Of Dehradun. Convenient Sampling Technique Was Used To Select 100 Adolescents And Data Were Collected With Self Structured Questionnaire. Planned Teaching Programme Was Administered As An Intervention. The Overall Pre Test Mean Score Was 12.28 With SD Of ±3.178.The Overall Post Test Mean Score Was 27.51 With SD Of ±3.870 Is Evident That There Is Increase In Mean Score In The Post Test After Administration Of Planned Teaching Programme. The Association Of Pre Test Level Of Knowledge With Demographic Variables Of School Adolescent Girls Showed Association Between Pre Test Knowledge And Type Of Family But There Were No Association Between Knowledge And Other Demographic Variables At P > 0.05 Level. On The Basis Of The Present Study, The Researcher Concluded That “Planned Teaching Programme Regarding Iron Deficiency Anemia And Its Management” To Adolescent Girls, Who Were Studying In Government Schools Was Found Effective As Their Level Of Knowledge Improved Significantly.

Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on knowledge regarding learning disabilities of the school children among school teachers

Mr. Rohit Gautam, Mr. Madan Mohan Gupta

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This Study Was Conducted To Identify The Reason Of Poor Learning Ability And Gap Between High I.Q. And Low I.Q. Level Of Learning Ability. A Quantitative Research Approach Was Used To Evaluate The Knowledge Regarding Learning Disabilities Of School Children And To Find Out The Association Between Pre Test Knowledge With Selected Demographic Variables And Knowledge Data Obtained By Researcher. The Research Design Adopted For The Present Study Was Pre Experimental (One Group Pre Test-Post Test). The Target Population For The Study Was School Teachers In Moradabad. Samples Were Secondary School Teachers, Sample Size Was 60 And Sampling Technique Used For This Study Was Purposive Sampling. The Mean Of Knowledge Regarding Learning Disabilities In The Pretest Was 13.75 And In The Post Test Was 22.50 Respectively. It Revealed That Structured Teaching Programme Was Found To Be Effective In Improving The Knowledge Regarding Learning Disabilities Of School Children Among School Teachers. There Was A Significant Difference In The Mean Scores Between Pretest And Post Test In Relation To Knowledge Of School Teachers Regarding Learning Disabilities Of School Children. There Was No Significant Association Between The Pre Test Knowledge And Demographic Variables Age, Sex, Qualification, Socio Economic Status, Marital Status, Religion And Previous Teaching Experience Of The School Teachers At P < 0.05 Level. The Main Conclusion Of The Study Confirmed The Effectiveness Of The Structured Teaching Programme On Knowledge Regarding Learning Disabilities Of School Children Among School Teachers.


World Breast Feeding Week- 2016 – Report


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