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MARCH- 2020, VOLUME: 6, ISSUE: 1

Assess the knowledge regarding Weaning among Mothers of under Five Year Children, Admitted At Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow (U.P)

Pratibha Srivastava

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Non-experimental, descriptive research approach was used for this study. An objective of the study was to assess the knowledge of mothers of under 5-year children regarding weaning and to find out association between knowledge score of mothers under 5-year children regarding weaning with their selected demographic variables. Sample size was 30 selected through purposive sampling technique in the maternity ward of Dr R. M. L. hospital, Lucknow (U.P). Tools used for this study under section A-demographic variables consist of education, age, occupation, religion, type of family residential area, family income and Section B- consist of 30 closed ended knowledge based structured questionnaire related to introduction, initiation preparation and benefits of weaning. The study reveals that most of the mothers of under 5-year children had average knowledge that is 17 (56.67%) regarding introduction of breast feeding and weaning, 10(33.32%) regarding initiation and preparation and 14 (46.67%) regarding benefits of weaning. No significant association seen between knowledge score of mothers of under 5-year children and their related demographic variables.

A Descriptive Study to assess the knowledge of females regarding Breast Self Examination, and to find out relationship between socio demographic variables and breast self-exam

Mrs Sudharani B BanappagoudarPh.D Scholar Dr Shreemani Pilllai (Guide) & Dr Maya E Patlia(Co-Guide), Nursing Malwanchal University,Indore

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The cost-effective method of early detection of cancer of the breast especially in resource poor countries breast self examination. Breast carcinoma is an important public health problem. Due to low levels of awareness many studies have suggested the practice of breast self examination as an important method of prevention. The most common cause of death among women worldwide is due to the breast cancer [1]. Primary prevention should be given the highest priority in the fight against cancer so the Breast self-exam (BSE) is considered an important public health procedure There was some 6.2 million cancer related deaths, accounting for 12% of all deaths globally which in developed countries is the send leading cause of death [2]. if told about the diagnosis patient may loss hopes and become devastated and crippled or even dies earlier, as Patients perception toward this disease and preference concerning the types and aims of their treatment are vary [3] I assessed breast-self examination (BSE) knowledge, among females in selected areas of Damoh, District The aim of the study was
1. To assess the knowledge of females regarding BSE
2. To find out relationship between socio demographic variables and breast self-exam.
In the selected areas of Damoh 100 female participants were selected and questionnaire was prepared for data collection which consisted of two parts i.e.
1. Socio demographic characteristics for study sample.
2. Women’s knowledge about breast self exam.
The total period of data collection was done for the period of 30days ie 1st July to 31th July 2016.. The study showed that there poor knowledge of BSE among the females and no any significant difference was found among the females with the demographic variables. To reduce the incidences of breast cancer it was recommended that the implementation of educational programmers related to Knowledge, practice and awareness of breast cancer, BSE, in females by the health team to be undertaken.

Effects of honey on cough among toddler children

Jitendra Chicholkar, Manisha Chakarwarti

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Parents play a major role in identification and assessment of children’s health and health problems and make primary decision to help them. Cough is the most common respiratory problems of childhood and generally thought to account for the majority of referrals to the hospital for treatment. The present study aims to assess the effectiveness for honey on cough among the toddler children in selected rural community areas of Indore. The design for the study was quasi experimental non-randomized control group design. The study was conducted among 60 toddler children i.e. 30 each in control group and experimental group. The tool used was self-prepared cough assessment scale. The findings of the study revealed that the computed’ value was19.276 at df 29 indicated significant difference between pre- test &post- test at the level of p≤0.001.There was no significant association between cough score and selected demographic variables. Thus, honey was found effective in reducing cough of toddlers in selected rural community areas of Indore (M.P.).


Mr. Madan Mohan Gupta

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It is also considered as cot death or crib death. It is the sudden and unexplained death of children especially infant. It can occur during sleep or in a sleep environment. It involves a large number of sudden and unexpected deaths of infant i.e. approximately 75-85%, it indicates a large number of infants deaths due to SIDS. Certain risk factors also make children more prone for sudden infant death syndrome.
The other factors related to death of infants like infections, genetic disorders, heart problems & other problems are approximately (15-25%). There is no specific treatment for SIDS, but a number of measures have been found to be effective in prevention of SIDS.

A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Computer Assisted planned Teaching Programmed on Knowledge Regarding Compulsive Hoarding Syndrome and this Effect on Health among Post Graduate Students of LNCT College, Bhopal (M.P.)

Mr. Ram Prasad Kushwaha

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Hoarding is characterized by two parts. The first is the accumulation of things that have little or no value. The eight is the inability to part with things that list, notes the hoarder has accumulated. Typically, hoarders pile up old newspapers, food, mail, clothes, garbage, cartons, cans, and other debris. There are also instances of animal hoarding, where an individual collects and houses dozens to thousands of animals.

A study to assess the effectiveness of planned teaching programme on knowledge regarding prevention and management of tape worm infestation of among mothers Under than five children’s in selected rural area, Indore (M.P.)

Mr. Rajesh Prajapat

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Children as the “Nations supremely important asset” to its family and society child is precious gift which has a lot of potentials with one which can be the best resource for the nation if developed and utilized well. According to the 2011 census children in the group of 0 – 5 years constitute 12% of the total population that is nearly about 150 million children in India. The high level of infant mortality is an indication of discouraging socio-economic development and along with the poor government commitment for improving health status of its nation. .The present study is conducted to assess the effectiveness of planned teaching programme on knowledge regarding prevention and management of tape worm infestation of among 60 mothers of under five children’s. in selected rural area, Indore (M.P).” A evaluate approach with Pre experimental research design and purposive sampling technique was adopted to select the 60 mother’s of under five children’s. The sample was collected by using structured interview schedule. Data was analyzed by descriptive and inferential statistics and tools were calculated by split half method and it was found reliable. The overall knowledge score different of mother’s of under five children’s was 4.9% that is inadequate. The finding of the study reviled that there was significant relationship among number of family members, number of children and family income of mothers with the knowledge of prevention and management of tape worm infestation. Thus study concluded that self instructional module was effective in increasing the knowledge of the mothers regarding prevention and management of tape worm infestation in children.

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