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Volume 8 Issue 3, September, 2022

Table of Contents

Original Research

1. 1. Evaluation of Pre-Treatment Techniques for Butanol Production from Microalgae-Based Biodiesel Residue 1-6



Monika Yadav, Gurudatta Singh, Virendra Kumar Mishra



Performance of Foundations during Earthquake 7-12

Shrashti Kushwaha , Sathish Parihar



Design and Modelling FinFET Based on SRAM Cell 13-19


Prakanksha Shukla, Raghvendra Singh


4. 4. Occurrence and fate of SARS-CoV-2 and Pharmaceuticals in Ambient Aquatic Ecosystems: A review on Emerging Antidrug Resistance, Detection and Treatment Technologies 20-33


Gurudatta Singh, Monika Yadav, Priyanka Singh, Anubhuti Singh, Virendra Kumar Mishra,R. N. Jadeja


5. Utilization of Waste Plastic in Concrete and Its Application 34-38


Karan Yadav, Satish Parihar



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