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September 2016 Volume 2 Issue 3

Table of Contents

1. Original Research

1 . Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks for Data Aggregation 1-4



Brisheket Suman Tripathi



Impact Of Fading On Quality Of Services in Wireless Sensor Network 5-8

Brisheket Suman Tripathi



Optimization and Analysis For Manufacturing Time of Automated Guided Vehicles in FMS 9-14


Nirbhay Singh Parmar


4 . Screening of Beta Thalassemia with the Use of Hplc Technique 15-21


Anil Kumar



Design And Analysis Of Low power SRAM Cell Using Power gating CMOS Technology 22-26


Ankita Tiwari, Raghvendra Singh ,Anand Tiwari



Design low power SRAM using MTCMOS Technique with nanometer regime 27-32


Ankita Tiwari , Raghvendra Singh ,Anand Tiwari



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