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June 2017 Volume 3 Issue 2

Table of Contents

1. Original Research

1 . Thermo-Mechanical Analysis Alloys for Cryogenics fuel Tank Application 1-9



Bharti Yadav, Ashutosh Samadhiya



Parametric Investigation On The Behaviour Of Concrete Filled Tell Tubes 10-25

A Singh , S. Kumar, U. Mani A. Tripathi



Evaluation of control strategies of Unified Power Quality Conditioner using PI and fuzzy logic controllers 26-32


Abhishek Singh, Almas


4 . Analysis and Optimization of Zirconium-2 Alloy’by Using Finite Element Analysis 33-45


Siddharth,, ManojKumar, Paveen Kumar Maurya



Light Field Photography with Lytro Imaging:A Power Tool for an Image Revolution 46-50





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