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June 2020 Volume 6 Issue 2

Table of Contents

1. Original Research

1. Channel Length Dependent Performance of Organic Field Effect Transistor: MATLAB Based Simulation and Analytical Modeling 1



Abhishek Singh, and Manish Kumar Singh*



A Verilog Implementation of Modified Advance Encryption Standard for 256 Bit Key 5

Sinu Bharti and Raghvendra Singh



Finite Element Analysis to Investigation the Response of Welded Joint under Cyclic Loading 9


Akansha Srivastava


4. Load Forecasting using ANFIS 15


Mohammed Azhar, and Dr. Imran Khan


5. Effect of Ammonium Phosphate on the Thermal and Flammability Behaviour of Sisal/Epoxy Composite 21


Dan Bahadur Pal, Shreya Sinha, Nirupama Prasad*


6. A Secure and Accurate Method for RGB Image Encryption 24



Navneet Dixit, Umesh Kumar Gera



Analysis of Junction less Transistor 28


Devendra Bharat Tiwari,Raghvendra Singh


8. Optimization of Azole- Antifungal Drugs: An Attempt for Search of Better Drug for Treatment of TB with CYP450 from Mycobacterium Tuberculosis 53


Nidhi Awasthi*, Rolly Yadav, Anamika Shukla, Devesh Kumar


9. Content Management System 56


Abhilash Kumar, Dr. Hariom Saran*


10. Study of Volumetric Efficiency and Flue air Temperature of Single Cylinder Diesel Engine with Various Mixture of Thumba Oil with Diesel 59


Avinash Dhar Dubey and Mr. Devendra Kumar Lohia



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