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Volume 8 Issue 1, March, 2022

Table of Contents

Original Research

1. Blockchain-Based Trust Management Systems in Cloud Computing 1-8



Siddharth , Dr Hari Om Sharan



Compression of medical images using Region Based Convolutional Neural Networks 9-13

Surbhit Shukla, C.S raghuvanshi



IOT Based Solution for Tracking and Prevention of Stealing at Weighbridge 14-16


Anand Chauhan, C. S. Raghuvanshi, Hari Om Sharan


4. Container movement tracking without installation of tracking device 17-18


Navin Vidhani, C. S. Raghuvanshi, Hari Om Sharan


5. A Survey on image cryptography using Encryption & Decryption techniques 19-21


Manish Goyal , Umesh Kr. Gera



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