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December 2015 Volume 1 Issue 4

Table of Contents

1. Original Research

1 . A New Correlation Based Image Fusion Algorithm Using Discrete Wavelet Transform 1-6



Saurabh Sharma and Shishir Kumar


2 .

Effects of Scaling on Double-Gate Si-Nanowire Transistor 7-10

Vivek Gupta



Performance Comparisons of Modulation Techniques PWM & SVPWM Fed To Cascaded Neutral-Point-Clamped Inverter 11-16


Ravi Prakash Vishvakarma


4 . Assessment of genetic variability in Indian Karonda (Carissa opaca L.) accessions using DNA based inter simple sequence repeat (ISSR) Markers 17-21


Anil Kumar


5 .

Analysis of Highly Stable 16-bit SRAM Array Body using Biasing Technique 22-29


Raghvendra Singh


6 .

ETL Approach for Transposing Data 30-35


Harish Kumar and Sunil Kumar


7 .

Eye Movement Analysis using Neural Networks 36-39


Anugrah Srivastava


8 .

A View of Reverse Engineering 40-43


Monika Srivastava and Manish Mishra


9 .

Conversion of 2D to 3D Stereoscopic Images 44-47


Ruchi Khetan and Sumit Shukla


10 .

Live Load Models for Long Span Bridges 48-52


Parvej Ahmed



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