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March 2017 Volume 3 Issue 1

Table of Contents

1. Original Research

1 . TCP & UDP Packets Analysis Communication on Personal Computer with Wireshark 1-9



Preeti Raj Verma, Navpreet Singh



Study and Investigation of Convention Network analyzer and payload data to Remake Correspondence between two Nodes in a System 10-27

Preeti Raj Verma, Navpreet Singh



Spectroscopic Second-Harmonic Generation During Ar+-Ion Bombardment of Si (100) 28-49


Nirbhay Singh Parmar


4 . A-Si:H/C-Si Heterointerface Formation And Epitaxial Growth Studied By Real-Time Optical Probes 50-56


Nirbhay Singh Parmar



Real-Time Study of A-Si:H/C-Si Heterointerface Formation and Epitaxial Si Growth by Spectroscopic Ellipsometry, Infrared Spectroscopy and Second-Harmonic Generation 57-76


Nirbhay Singh Parmar



Biometric Identification System using Eye Movement Analysis 77-83


Anugrah Srivastava



Diagonosis of Cervical Cancer with Real Time PCR and HPV-16 84-94


Amit Chaturvedi



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