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June 2019 Volume 5 Issue 2

Table of Contents

1. Original Research

1. Fixture Design 1



Amit Chaturvedi, Narendra Kumar



A Case Study of Hand Gripper And Its Optimization Using Finite Element Analysis 4

Krishna Kumar Pandey,Narendra Kumar



Mathematical Model of Multi- component Condenser for the condensation of Hydrocarbon vapours mixture: A Survey 9


Prakhar Mishra ,Ravendra Singh


4. Synthesis and structural investigations and antitumor activity of co-ordination compounds of palladium (II) with uracil and substituted uracils 17


Dr.Anshu Srivastava


5. Modelling of An Electronic Level Transmitter Using An Inter Digital Capacitor As Primary Sensing Element 21


Shilpa Rani, Natasha Taboda, B.Sandhiya


6. Securing IOT Driven Remote Helathcare Data Through Blockchain 24


Sarthak Gupta, Virain Malhotra, Dr Shailendra Narayan Singh


7. Water Irrigation and Flood Prevention using IOT 28


Sarthak Gupta, Virain Malhotra, Dr Shailendra Narayan Singh


8. Synthesis Of PDMS Membrane For Recovery Of Aromas From Aqueous Solutions 34


D.B.Pal, Sushant Kumar, Nirupma, P.K. Mishra


9. An In-Silico Study of Inhibition of Alpha-Synuclein Aggregation by Glycol Stearate for Treatment of Parkinson’s And Gaucher’s Disease 42


Shalja Verma, Anand Kumar Pandey


10. Water Absorption And Kinetics Of Treated Woven Jute Fiber-LDPE Composites 46


Nirupama, D. B. Pal


11. Comprehensive Analysis and Reduction of Torque Ripples in Three-phase Four-switch Inverter-fed DFIG Drives Using Space Vector Pulse-width Modulation 50


Munendra Pratap Singh , Dr. Pratibha Tiwari ,


12. Study of Lifetime Enhancement by Adaptive Duty Cycling of Opportunistic Routing in 1-d network 56


Uday Singh, Dr. Shafeeq Ahmad and Manmohan Singh Yadav


13. Assessment of Network Protocol Packet Header and Payload Analyzer 61


Preeti Raj Verma



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