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March 2017 Volume 4 Issue 1

Table of Contents

I. Original Research

a . A cross sectional study based on Assessment of Association between ABO blood group and Oral Sub Mucous Fibrosis  




Mehrotra V, Garg K, Singh SK, Singh R. Singh V

b . A comparative evaluation of efficacy of chloroform, xylene, rectified white turpentine oil, eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil as GuttaPercha solvent: An in vitro study.  




Kumar A, Pandey KR, Mishra A


II. Review Article

a . Dental Practice Management for Patients with Special Needs and Disability: Special considerations for the Dental Practice  




Pradhan D, Saxena A, Pruthi N, Sharma L

b . Hypnosis “A Lost Art” In Dentistry – A Review  




Singh G, Kholi A, Mehrotra A, Garg K, Dwivedi A, Katyayan R

c . Publication a sole Academic Performance Indicator for Recruitment and Career Advancement. Is it right?  




Ramesh G, Nagarajappa R, Soni A

d . Approach to Maxillary Sinus and Success of Dental Implants  




Banerjea A, Mahajan T, Sangur R

e . Effects of Fluoride on Orthodontic Archwires  




Sharma K, Panda S, Patel K, Gupta G, Gupta S


III. Case Report

a . Orthodontic Correction of Anterior Crossbite in an Adult Patient  




Kour S, Agarwal N, Singh K, Kaur G

b . Surgical Endodontics is not just Apicoectomy: A Case Series  




Das D, Srivastava A, Sridevi N, Singh S

c . Stafne’s Bone Defect: A Case Report  




Gupta I, Gupta T, Gupta R, Amarnath J

d . Mini Implants – A New Prospect in Malocclusion Correction: Case Report  




Ashok P, Patel K, Gupta G, Gupta S

e . Report of Two Cases using Vital Tooth Bleaching on Fluorosed Teeth  




Saha P, Sawhny A, Paul S, Raina A



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