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March 2016 Volume 3 Issue 1

Table of Contents

1. Original Research

a . Curcumin: A Herbal Approach In The Management Of Gingivitis  




Roopa DA, Singh S, Gupta S, Pandey YN, Goswami A, Johari S


2. Review Article

a . The Advent of Bioceramics in Dentistry: A Review  




S, Pushpa S, Sawhny A, Singh A, Ashraf F, Nigam SA

b . Encroachment By Dry Needle for the treatment of Orofacial Pain  




Mehrotra V, Kaur S, Garg K, Bhadauria AS

c . It’s a Knockout- Management of Avulsed Tooth  




Katiyar A, Kohli A, Gupta K, Singh G, Katyayan R, Dwivedi A


3. Case Report

a . Restoration of Badly Mutilated Posterior Teeth using Richmond Crown: A Case Report  




Sangur R, Sinha A, Dwivedi K, Bajwa W

b . Molar Distalization – An Easy, Effective and Economical Approach  




Maheshwari G, Arora R, Verma VK, Sachan A

c . Management of a Gingival Tumor: Peripheral Odontogenic Fibroma: A Case Report  




Roopa DA, Singh S, Singh A, Ramesh G



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