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December 2015 Volume 2 Issue 4

Table of Contents

1. Original Research

a . Assessment 0f Fluoride Ion Release from a Commercially Available Varnish  




Kumar S, Babu GLK, Subramaniam P


2. Review Article

a . Dental Care of Infants and Young Children with Down Syndrome: A Review  



Kohli A, Katiyar A, Gupta K, Singh G, Katyayan R, Dwivedi A

b . Obesity and Oral health: A review  



Kumar J, Pradhan D, Saxena A, Shavi GR, Tuteja JS, Triphati RM

c . Is Blood group an important factor in oral cancer? – A Review  



Ramesh G, Pathak S, Gupta B, Raj A, Pathak R

d . Paediatric Condylar Fracture: A Review  



Gupta K, Kohli A, Katiyar A, Singh G, Sarkar B


3. Short Communication

a . Suction Denture: A Case Report on Dental Quackery  



Shaw E, Garg K, Mehrotra A, Mehrotra V


4. Case Report

a . Root coverage with laterally moved, coronally advanced flap (Zucchelli’s technique). A case report  



Mohan M, Gupta V, Gupta B

b . Management of Flabby Ridges in Complete Denture : A Case Report  



Bajwa W, Rajanikanth AV, Sangur R, Dwivedi K

c . “BACK & FOURTH”- Case reports on fourth molars  



Hussain J, Raju MS, Mehrotra V, Srivastava R

d . Prosthetic Management of Edentulous Mandibulectomy Patient with Modified Occlusion- A Case Report  



Mahajan T, Trivedi R, Singh S, Sangur R



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