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June 2016 Volume 3 Issue 2

Table of Contents

1. Review Article

a . An Innovative Material for Repair and Regeneration in Oral and Maxillofacial region- A Review  




a. Thapliyal GK, Kumar V, Gour S. Amniotic Membrane

b . Alcohol misuse and oral health: An overview  




Pradhan D, Saxena A, Shavi RG, Pruti N, Verma P, Singh D.

c . Implant Abutments – A Review  




Abraham MH, Philip MJ, Venkatakrishnan JC, Pradeep R, Narasimman M, Pandian R

c . Implants in Paediatric Dentistry – “A Dubious Affirmation.”  




Singh G, Kohli A, Katiyar A, Gupta K, Mehrotra A, Dwivedi A


2. Case Report

a . Clinical Aspects of Dry Socket.  




a. Punia S, Chauhan A, Garg S, Yadav R

b . Salivary Cyst of Floor of Mouth: A Case Report.  




Raj A, Ramesh G, Nagarajappa R, Pandey A.

c . Reconstruction of Central Giant Cell Granuloma with Reconstruction Plate and Iliac Crest Graft in Mandible: A Case Report  




Chauhan A, Garg S, Kankariya H, Mehendiratta K



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