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September 2017 Volume 4 Issue 3

Table of Contents


Case of bilateral rare molariform supernumerary teeth-a short communication.
Ishrat S, Hussain J.

2. Central giant cell granuloma of mandible: A case report.
Garg K, Sachdev R, Singh SK, Mehrotra V

Bringing the mandible forward; changing profile from non-esthetic to esthetic.
Mathews AA, Singh K, Maheshwari G, Alam F


Diode laser- A new hope for the treatment of dentinal Hypersensitivity.
Roopa D A, Sarmah S, Singh A, Sharma R


Management of Pyogenic grauloma with soft tissue diode lasers: A case report.
Roopa DA, Sharma R, Jha A, Singh A, Sarmah S


Application of hypnosis in dentistry: A Review.
Kushwah S, Srivastava R, Jyoti B, Singh A, Dhir B.


Precision Attachment.
Kapoor A, Mahajan T, Solanki S, Jamil I, Roy CK, Shrivastava N


Rapid orthodontics- A low level laser therapy to accelerate tooth movement- A critical review.
Biswas P, Singh K, Mathews AA, Ashok P, Jaipuria V.


Regenerative endodontics in pediatric dentistry.
Katiyar A, Kohli A, Singh G, Katyayan R, Gupta S, Srivastava S.

10 . Tissue engineering: A novel approach for periodontal regeneration. Gupta
I, Gupta R, Gupta N, Ranjan P, Amarnath J, Mishra S


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