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March 2017 Volume 3 Issue 1

Table of Contents

1. Original Article

1 . Clinical picture and etiology of dermatophytosis in a tertiary care center, Kanpur  




R.Sujatha, Nidhi Pal

2 . Prevalence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis associated with extrapulmonary infections in a tertiary care center, at Kanpur  




R.Sujatha, Nidhi Pal, Deepak S,Vaishali, Dilshad K

3 . Microbiological study of urine isolates in out patients and its antibiotic resistance pattern at a tertiary care hospital in Kanpur  




R.Sujatha, Deepak S,Nidhi P, Vaishali S, Dilshad K

4 . Isolation and identification of aerobic bacteria from Ventilator associated pneumonia and its antibiogram from tertiary care center, Kanpur  




R.Sujatha, Nidhi Pal, Vaishali, Dilshad K, Deepak S



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